Modern Art

- single pieces by artist, that Gallery Stendhal does not represent

Jens Robert Jørgensen:


150 cm heigth

20.000 kr.

Jens Jørgen Thorsen:

The sky breast streams at the edge of the sun - mega vision

The Milky Way will burn at 16.00 hours

Signed four times.

20x30 cm


Finn Pedersen: 

Happy People

90x70 cm 

11.000 kr. for the two

Finn Pedersen (1944-2014) painted a large number of brilliant colurful pictures, inspired by the earlier postwarCobra movement of Dutch. Belgian and Danish artists.

Cobra = Copenhagen, Bruxelles,


Jens Jørgen Thorsen (1932-2000) was an exceptional artist and art communicator

Solveig Skov Larsen:

Acknowledging via shaping

80x70 cm

2.000 kr.

Steen Valde Larsen (1964-2011)


oil on cardboard 36x24 cm

5.000 kr.

The painting was done in Cuba 2001

It comes in glass and golden frame 

Roman Strobl

Wind Ballet

50 cm

20.000 kr. for the three