Maria Bloch

Time 100x120 cm

14.000 DKK

Sky - land - heart: Four studies in light 40x40 cm 

4.000 DKK a piece

The flowers

30x30 cm, 2.500 DKK

40x40 cm, 4.000 DKK

We are still alive

100x100 cm

10.000 DKK

The flowers of happines

55x60 cm, 6.000 DKK

Trilogy: Happines of life


Islandic Landscapes I - III: The pallette of nature

I-II 80x80 cm

III 100x100 cm

IV 80x80 cm

8.000 DKK a piece

I and III sold




The light

60x80 cm

6.000 DKK

Looking out my kitchen window I - II  

Each painting 150x100 cm

15.000 DKK a piece or together 22.500 DKK